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Design of a hand-made light absorbance measurement device

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Abstract: This target of this research is the design of a light absorbance measurement device for chemical education. In the present, the concentration of solution still cannot be measured. The measurement must be indirect and convert to concentration. In the chemical laboratory, a UV-spectrophotometer is used to measure the concentration of solution. It uses the light for checking the absorbance of solution by Beer-Lambert law. Although the UV-spectrophotometer is usually used in the chemical laboratories, it is very expensive. Therefore, it is not enough for students in the class. However, students do not use all of function of the UV-spectrophotometer in the chemical class. To achieve efficient chemical education, we decrease the inessential functions of the UV- spectrophotometer and develop a simple light absorbance measurement device to be proper for chemical education. The proposed device is cheaper and lighter than the commercial UV-spectrophotometer. Therefore, it can purchase for many students in class. Moreover, to improve understanding of students about light absorbance, the program collecting and calculating the data in Microsoft Excel is written.

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